6th grade present tense verb conjugations

We made our first music video!  We are learning regular present tense verb conjugations and practicing their endings.  Here is a music video we made to Señor Wooly’s song!  We LOVE Señor Wooly.

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6th grade

Kindergarten-Days of the Week

Thankfully the Kindergarten students were able to teach me the days of the week in ENGLISH and then I was able to teach them los días de la semana en español. :) Phew!

Here’s our music video we made!

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5th grade and TWITTER

The 5th grade Spanish class has been learning how to use Twitter in the classroom since last Friday.  I let the students take over during class today. They each made a project with an iPad app called Educreations. After creating their project they each tweeted their completed lesson they created using the app.  Each student even learned the proper hashtag to use along with their tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.13.39 PM

5th grade

6th, 7th and 8th grade blogs

The middle school students have posted some really impressive work lately to our individual student blogs.  Please take a moment to check our work.  We always post in both Spanish and English.

Our most recent posts are digital Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish full of compliments and kind words written to one another. Use the Blog Directory on the right or left side of the screen to find your child’s name.  Email Señora B lbeversdorf@bannockburnschool.org if you’re not sure how to use the blog or if you are not sure of your child’s Spanish name.

Here are the links to our blogs:

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade

GUAPO-one of middle schoolers FAV songs!

Thanks to Señor Wooly (James Wooldridge), I am able to get MIDDLE SCHOOL students interested, excited and engaged when it comes to learning Spanish grammar. His music videos, songs and games on his website are some of my students favorites!

We love his stuff SO much that we recreate his music videos using an iPad app called Video Star.

Here is Señor Wooly’s hilarious music video, as well as the song with English translation.



Now here is the 8th graders version!

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6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade

DUOLINGO-Best language app I’ve used so far!

I’ve tried many different language applications on the iPads with all different age groups K-8.  This one is by far the best so far! http://www.duolingo.com/

AND IT IS FREE! You can try Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese.  So far it is a hit with 3rd-8th grade.

duolingo-banner Duolingo-Screenshots duolingo2 images-1 images

All School, Technology

Greatest Message I Can Offer

Thank you Kid President!  4 minutes of my life well spent!  Great message!  I can’t wait to share with my students.  We are glad you are here…

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3rd grade-Yoga poses, animal sounds, likes and dislikes

The 3rd grade Spanish class learned how to say speaks (habla) and says (dice).  We also learned how to say wants to go (quiere ir). We learned a bit of geography and talked about all the places we’d like to go and met some Spanish-speaking, French-speaking and German-speaking dogs in this unit.  You can meet those friends we created together using the links below. We talked about some of the different languages spoken in the world and took some digital field trips there using Google Earth.

Chica-our Mexican friend

Loco-our other Mexican friend

Star-our American friend

Spot-our other American friend

Fritz-our German friend

Fifi-our French friend

Pongo-our British friend

After this unit, we learned that not only do human beings speak different languages throughout the world, but so do animals!  We learned how different animals speak in Spanish and some of our Korean classmates shared the different sounds that animals make in Korean.

I am also a certified yoga instructor so we included some corresponding yoga poses that went along with our animals in Spanish.  We talked about our likes and dislikes as well in this unit.

Please enjoy this video below where we each show off our yoga poses, animals sounds and share which animal/yoga pose we like best.

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3rd grade

I just made a new Voki. See it here:


KIVA-We lent our money-8th


Below are the people we all chose together…


Esteban, 30, lives in a common-law marriage and has five dependent children. He has an elementary school education and has lived in a remote community in the north of Colomi for 13 years.

Esteban’s a farmer and he sells potatoes and locoto peppers. He grows part of them on his own land, half a hectare that he got from his parents; he grows the rest on a plot of land he rents for 1,600 bolivianos [BOB] for two years.
Currently Esteban needs a loan for 10,200 bolivianos to build an affordable home so he can make sure his family has a better future.


Lenny is separated and has 2 children who do not live with her. She lives in a rented house that is located in the Ciudad Satelite neighborhood of the city of El Alto.

Lenny has a legal degree. She has a consulting business where she provides legal services and also social services in some cases. Her office is located in the “12 de Octubre” neighborhood of the city of El Alto.
Lenny needs a loan to buy a computer so that she can do her work more easily and meet the needs of her customers. Lenny’s dream is to help low-income people who have major problems at a low cost. This is the first loan that she has requested jointly from IMPRO and KIVA.

8th grade